Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: Call / text 988
Dane County Hotline: Call / text 211

Board of Directors

Kerri Kane - Founder

Kerri Kane is the founder of Waunakee Project Brave (WPB), where she serves as president and a band member. As a devoted mother of four and happily married to Mark, her family, including a furry friend, adds warmth to their household.

Beyond WPB, Kerri excels in the real estate industry, leading a successful team in Madison. Her passion and expertise ensure client satisfaction. Kerri’s enthusiasm for teamwork extends to her roles at home, in real estate, and with WPB. Known as a master networker, she loves to promote others and their talents. Her favorite mantra, “Quitters are never winners, and winners are never quitters,” reflects her unwavering commitment to excellence.

With a focus on collaboration, Kerri makes a positive impact in both personal and professional spheres. Her dedication, vibrant energy, and commitment to greatness set her apart as a leader, mentor, and promoter of others’ talents.

Scott Mooney - Vice President

I joined the Waunakee community in 1999 as the general manager of Big Mikes Super Subs(now Milio’s Sandwiches) and immediately fell in love with it. The support was incredible, from other businesses to our loyal customers. Being in the restaurant industry for as long as I have, I’ve lost more than my fair share of my team to suicide or overdose. Giving back to this community is massively important to me so when I had the chance to do so while honoring those we’ve lost I couldn’t say no. If we’re able to save one life, we’ve succeeded.

Laurie Gerner – Events Coordinator

Serving others has always been my life goal and mission. I thrive on cultivating relationships with people. My background is in Social Work with an emphasis on Mental Health. My career path also includes event planning, field marketing, and training development.

My dedication to my community and serving others is also shown outside of work. I’m currently focusing my volunteer efforts on North Ridge Church, where I am the Co-Leader of the Women’s Ministry. I also serve as the Event Manager on the Waunakee Project Brave BOD.

Mandy Hague – Public Relations Manager

Mandy serves as a Photojournalist for Spectrum News 1 Wisconsin. She is passionate about sharing stories from across the state, particularly in mental health and politics. Mandy lives in Waunakee with her husband of 22 years, three sons, and their dog, Danny. She is actively involved with Waunakee schools, Northridge Church, and is committed to making a difference in the community.

Brittnie Ketter - Treasurer

Currently work at One Community Bank as the Treasury Management Business Development Specialist.

My goal in life is to build relationships with people so they know they have someone to trust, someone who cares about them, and to have someone that’s reliable to count on.

I graduated from UW-Whitewater with my Bachelor’s in Social Work and have always had a heart for people.

I’m the oldest of 6 so it’s innately in me to look out for people and to give them the best advice when asked.

I love playing softball, being a fur mom to my 2 boxers (Murphy & Charley), spending time with my husband, Ryan, which usually consists of fishing.

Jenni Schmitt – Secretary

Jenni was locally born and raised on a farm. She and her family are Waunakee graduates.

Jenni was a 2023 Brave Story participant. She shared her heart about the growing issue of addiction and overdose.

Jenni’s education does not come from a classroom or textbook; unfortunately, she’s taught firsthand – real life.

Her purpose and drive come from her youngest sister’s long dark journey with addiction. Sadly, Jenni’s sister recently lost her most important battle; she lost her life.

Ultimately, Jenni’s goal is to get mindsets past the stigma of addiction. To bring the focus on getting help for the actual reasons behind use, and seeing resources be readily available when people are seeking help.

Mike Gorski - Media Manager

Mike Gorski is a photographer and filmmaker whose love of people has taken him all over the world. He believes that each person’s story—the unique struggles and victories that forge their lives—is worth being displayed for the world to see. Whether you are a corporation providing a necessary service, an addict working to get your life back on track, or a woman taking in abandoned babies, you matter! He currently lives in Madison with his amazing French wife and two children who are obsessed with battlebots, guinea pigs, and Rubik’s cubes.