Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: Call / text 988
Dane County Hotline: Call / text 211


You are not alone

Every Monday morning, a heartwarming gathering takes place at the local coffee shop, where the Waunakee Project Brave support group assembles to offer solace, understanding, and companionship to those navigating challenging times. With steaming cups of coffee as their backdrop, this group provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere, reminding participants that they are not alone on their journey. Whether individuals are facing personal struggles, loss, or uncertainty, the Waunakee Project Brave support group serves as a beacon of hope.

Through shared stories, empathetic listening, and a comforting sense of community, they illuminate the path towards healing and resilience, demonstrating that even during life’s darkest moments, there is always a source of light, friendship, and support waiting to be found at the local coffee shop.

Monday Mornings

8:00 AM

M.N.M’s CoffeeHouse