Waunakee Community Cares Coalition is dedicated to creating conditions and opportunities that prevent and reduce substance abuse to help keep our wonderful community healthy and resilient. We value engagement, education, collaboration, and resiliency in our community and amongst its members. Since 2014, Waunakee Community Cares Coalition (WCCC) has been mobilizing partners from all sectors of the community to create a strong coalition dedicated to impactful change. WCCC utilizes local, state, and federal grant dollars to create conditions & opportunities to prevent and reduce youth substance use & support mental wellness and resiliency.

Mental Fitness 4 Teens is a non-profit organization on a crusade to reach thousands of teens to provide mental fitness techniques and coping skills to enrich their lives. We want all teens to live a fulfilling life with skills to embrace, empower, explore and elevate to meet the challenges that may arise from mental health obstacles throughout their lives.

We hold quarterly retreats for teens in the Dane County area. A typical retreat consists of a day filled with engaging events that enhance teens mental wellness.  The day includes professional speakers, teen talk time, which is lead our teen leaders, art healing activities, team bonding, yoga, meditation, journaling, a swag bag and a delicious healthy meal.

Psychotherapy Center of Waunakee is a family friendly space providing culturally sensitive psychotherapy, commonly known as talk therapy. Our mission is to work within the community to establish relationships to foster movement, wellness, and growth. We work with individuals, couples and families from a systemic lens and offer school-based services.  We are happy to welcome you to our new clinic serving the Village of Waunakee and the surrounding area.

Nicole Phillips is a champion for using kindness and the power of prayer to overcome all of life’s difficulties, including her own battles with alcoholism, depression and breast cancer.

She spreads the message of the healing power of kindness as host of the show “The Kindness Podcast,” which received the honor in 2021 of being named by Oprah Magazine as one of the Top Three Happiness Podcasts!

You may have seen Nicole on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show, HGTV’s House Hunters or on The Price is Right (where she learned a lot about kindness and won a car!).

Nicole is the author of five books, Kindness is Contagious, Kindness is Courageous, Workplace Positivity, The Negativity Remedy, and Borrow My Brave.

She is married to her childhood crush who is a college men’s basketball coach at Northern State University. The couple lives in Aberdeen, South Dakota with their three children and oversized Goldendoodle

Chuck Murphree is a Young Adult Writer and former Waunakee Community School District teacher who is passionate about helping young people navigate through mental illness and the often-rocky journey through adolescence. Chuck is the author of Everything That Makes Us Feel.

Optimum Vitality: Every aspect of our clinic is directed to accelerate your healing & enhance your wellbeing. From the educational lectures playing on the TV and the healing tones in the treatment rooms to the purified water offered as you walk in. We take all aspects of health seriously.

Everything we do at North Ridge Church comes from our core purpose to “Live Full of Life.” We believe a full life is possible as we Love Abundantly, Live Boldly and Connect with God. Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full” (John 10:10).  We are ordinary people from a variety of backgrounds, ages, and circumstances.  We believe in doing life together.  No matter where you are on your journey, we are here to help each other learn, grow, and live a life of purpose, hope and peace.

Train608 is more than a local gym.  In addition to offering client-centered fitness and nutrition programming and consulting for all ages, Train608 offers numerous opportunities for clients:  classes in youth athletic development, 1:1 athletic development sessions, personal and small group training, Adult fitness classes, Individualized training programs, remote coaching, remote programming, recovery sessions, nutritional coaching and cooking classes.  Our personalized approach will ensure that you feel your voice has been heard and your health and fitness goals are at the center of our interactions.  Join the Train608 community and build a foundation for a better, stronger, you.”

Wisdom and Wellness’ mission is to serve others by offering practical and relevant coaching that meets you where you are at. I strive to provide a culturally responsive and emotionally safe environment where you can lean into your intuition and build a toolbox of strategies to help you feel your best. I work hard to ensure every client feels safe, supported, and validated.

NAMI Dane County’s mission is to provide education, support, and advocacy for people affected by mental illness in Dane County. We provide peer-led education and support programs to help people affected by mental illness get the support and information they need to better understand mental illness and navigate the mental health system. We promote public awareness through events and activities such as NAMIWalks to reduce stigma and encourage understanding.”

The HEP Program at Madison College is a free​​ High School Equivalency or GED & HSED Program for anyone living in Wisconsin who has worked seasonally in agriculture within the last 2 years (Jan 2020 to Jan 2022); the spouse or child of a seasonal farmworker also qualifies if they are 18.5 years old.  The HEP or High School Equivalency Program is grant funded by the federal government and is available in English or Spanish. Our students not only get their GED and learn English, their self-esteem and self-confidence also increases as they gain the skills they need to succeed professionally and socially.

Welcome to Emu Energy Healing! Here, I combine traditional with more modern methodologies to promote marked improvements in your physical and mental wellbeing through energy healing.

The Club is a healthy shake bar, we offer over 35+ flavors.  Energizing Tea’s, Coffee, Protein Balls and Cookies! We are a great fun place to hang out and enjoy some good vibes!

Wisconsin Voices for Recovery is a statewide, recovery-focused organization that is part of the UW-Madison Department of Family Medicine and Community Health. Their mission is to unite people in and seeking recovery, their families, helping professionals, and their allies. They have several programs geared toward supporting people in recovery, increasing accessibility and visibility of life-saving naloxone, stigma reduction, and peer recovery coaching. They provide nasal naloxone, naloxone administration training, and opioid reversal kits to communities across Wisconsin, in efforts to reduce the risk of opioid overdose fatalities and to increase safety across the communities of Wisconsin.

Salt and More offers halotherapy, a holistic complement to your respiratory care plan. Halotherapy is the modern embodiment of salt caves, stretching back into antiquity for their soothing and healing properties. Salt in all cultures is seen as clean and purifying, and in contemporary science, salt is known to be naturally anti-microbial, meaning that it halts or destroys microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. This includes the virus that is associated with covid-19. Salt reduces inflammation in the tiny sacs (Alveoli) that make up your lungs, and inflammation is the cause of mucus and phlegm. The mucus and phlegm already trapped in your lungs are slightly thickened by the salt making it easier to express.