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We are thrilled to invite you to our Wellness Day Event!

June 24, 2024

Join us for a rejuvenating morning filled with activities designed to promote healing, relaxation, and overall well-being. Our event will feature three interactive stations, each led by a professional in their field:

Michelle Kullmann – Grief Yoga:
Conducted by a specialized grief yoga instructor, this breakout hands-on session aims to help you process and release grief through mindful movement and breathwork. Experience the therapeutic benefits of yoga in a supportive environment.

Carrie Calkins – Connect With Nature:
Enjoy a guided walk led by a registered nurse. This breakout activity is designed to promote mental and physical health, allowing you to experience the calming effects of nature while receiving expert health tips.

Jen Heller – Healing Space:
Learn from a certified life coach how to transform your home into a sanctuary for healing and peace. This breakout session will provide practical advice and creative ideas to help you create a nurturing environment that supports your well-being.

For ages 18+